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Top 5 tips to find the best fishing spots in Crystal river FL

Crystal River, FL has a massive expanse of mangrove creeks and islands making it one of Florida's top destinations for fishing but finding a great fishing spot amongst all the mangroves can be overwhelming. Below we will give you 5 tips that will help you on your next fishing trip.

#5 Find the bait

Finding baitfish is crucial when looking for a good place to fish. In Crystal River, FL our main inshore baitfish are Pinfish, Needlefish and finger Mullet. Finding them is pretty simple, just look for disturbances such as splashes and small wakes left behind by active bait at the surface and small flashes in and around the grass. Once you find a large amount of bait you should target areas down current from them where larger fish are waiting to feed.

#4 Structure

One of main reasons Crystal River, FL offers such great fishing is because of the amount of structure it has to offer. In most cases, large fish would rather wait somewhere comfortable and out of the current to feed. When looking for a good fishing spot you should target areas with rocky hard bottom or bank lines with good structure such as large clumps of overhanging mangroves and coves for fish to sit and wait.

#3 Mind the tides

Once you find a spot that looks great for fishing, make sure you fish it on both incoming and outgoing tides. many great spots are only good on one or the other so having a good understanding of the tides will go a long way when fishing in Crystal River, FL.

#2 Water temp

Water temperature plays a big role in where the fish like to feed. Keep this in mind when fishing in Crystal River. Areas with more flowing water are cooler and tend to be better in the warmer months. While in the winter time, shallow rock and oyster bars as well as muddy bottom areas work well because they soak up the warmth of the sun and offer a more comfortable place for fish to sit.

#1 Keep moving

Try fishing a few new spots every time you go out. Don't get into the habit of going to the same spot over and over again. Exploring new areas is one of the best ways to find a great fishing spot and with the 5 tips above you should be able to narrow down your search and discover areas that are loaded with fish in Crystal River, FL.


Finding the best fishing spots in Crystal River can be tricky but with some patience and determination you will find that next great spot and hopefully land a trophy fish! Want to get out there and go fishing? Book a fishing charter with Fish Crystal River today!

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