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Catching big Redfish in Crystal River, FL

Woman holding her first ever Redfish she caught in Crystal River Florida

Are you looking to catch some massive Redfish in Crystal River, FL? Well now is the time! The Redfish run is in full force and our mangrove islands and Oyster bars are teeming with big bull Redfish. The Redfish run starts in August but doesn't peak until September and continues into November with large schools migrating from deep water into the shallow waters of Crystal Rivers Gulf coast. During this time the Redfish are aggressive and hungry for almost anything you cast their way.

Client holding a Redfish

With Scalloping season coming to an end now is a great time to get out there and take advantage of the phenomenal fishing that Crystal River Florida has to offer. This time of year is also great fishing for Snook, Mangrove Snapper, Tripletail and many other delicious Species.

Redfishing in Crystal River

Although Redfish can be caught just about anywhere in Crystal River, FL the best places to find them are around the outer Mangrove islands on an incoming tide and bank lines or points that offer some relief from the current.

Free lining live Pinfish will give you great results but cut Mullet, Lizardfish and shrimp fished on the bottom will also work well.

Planning a trip to Crystal River?

Make sure you get out on the water and go fishing! Its the best way to truly experience all the beautiful sights and natural wildlife that Crystal River has to offer. If you want learn more about fishing in Crystal River, FL or are interested in hiring a fishing guide check out all of our fishing charter options or contact us today to book your trip!

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