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Snook fishing in Crystal River - September 2022

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

A man holding a large Snook he caught while fishing in Crystal River, Fl

Crystal River Snook season is upon us! For those of you that aren't familiar with Snook fishing, or maybe not familiar with Crystal River, FL let me explain... Snook are one of the most exciting fish to catch in Crystal River and also one of the best tasting! They can reach sizes of over 40 inches and reach weights of over 20 pounds. Convincing one to bite is sometimes difficult but when hooked they fight incredibly hard and often break the surface with powerful head shakes and acrobatics. Here in Crystal River, FL we are blessed to have a large mangrove estuary that houses thousands of Snook. Our crystal clear waters and abundance of bait fish paired with beautiful scenery make Crystal River a top destination for Snook fishing.

Woman holding up a nice Snook she caught in Crystal River,Fl

When is Snook season?

In Crystal River, Florida we have two seasons for Snook fishing: March 1st - April 30th and September 1st - November 30th. But they can be caught year round!

How do you catch Snook in Crystal River?

There are many different baits and tactics you can use to catch Snook but free lining Pinfish, Greenbacks and Mud Minnows works best. Artificial lures such as soft plastic jerk baits and swim baits also work great! You can find Snook feeding around structured areas with fast moving current such as oyster bars and mangrove banks. Keep in mind that they have a razor sharp gill plate that can easily cut through leader line so a minimum of 40lb fluorocarbon leader is recommended.

How to get out there

If you want the best chance at catching a trophy Snook in Crystal River, FL hiring a local guide is the way to go! At Fish Crystal River we offer many different fishing charter options and have the knowledge and experience to put you on quality fish. Contact us today to book you Crystal River fishing charter with Captain Memphis.

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