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Fishing Report Crystal River - November 2022

Bounty of fish caught in Crystal River

The fishing has been absolutely fantastic here in Crystal River Florida! The Trout have finally showed up and the Redfish And Snook bite has been on fire. I will go over some tips you might find useful for fishing in Crystal River in November - December.

Trout Report

In the upcoming months the Trout will start making their way further and further into the east, where they will prepare for colder weather. When looking for a good spot to find trout keep an eye out for areas with an abundance of kelp and hard limestone bottom. On a high tide, use heaver bait working it slowly on he bottom. At low tide, focus on fishing a lighter bait that stays near the surface and above the kelp. The Trout bite has been better on low incoming and high outgoing tides but with a little patience they can be caught at any tide.

Recommended Bait

Low tide - When fishing low tides for Trout I recommend using a white or glow colored fluke or jerk bait with a unweighted #4 offset hook OR a 1/16th ounce jig head.

High tide - At high tide I recommend using a MirrOlure Little john rigged on a 1/8th ounce jig head

Strong incoming/outgoing tides - use a heavy jig and try to keep it near the bottom. The best way to do this is to work your bait WITH the current not against it!

Keeper Trout caught on a fishing charter

Red Fish Report

Now is the time to take advantage of the low tides in Crystal River. if you have the ability to make your way into the the shallow creeks at low tide you will be rewarded! They are loaded with Red Fish that can easily be caught in the deeper trenches and pot holes. For those of you that like to stay out on the coast in deeper water, try fishing mangrove bank lines and points at lower incoming tides. This is where many Red Fish will work their way in, feeding near the Mangroves.

Recommended Bait

Low tide - When fishing low tide for Red Fish I recommend using either cut bait or freelined Shrimp fished on the bottom OR a lightweight artificial or top water lure such as a little John XL rigged on a 1/8th ounce jig head.

High tide - At high tide I recommend using a heavier jig head with Shrimp or cut bait fished right up against the Mangroves. Free lined pinfish will also work great.

Nice Red Fish caught in Crystal River

Snook Report

In Crystal River, the Snook fishing has been getting better and better over the years but nothing beats Snook fishing in the Fall. Because the water temp is colder the Snook are now feeding for most of the day, instead of just morning and evening like in the summer months. Over the past few weeks I have caught Snook on everything from artificial lures to cut bait and Shrimp. They are hungry and aggressive this time of year and love to hang out on Mangrove banks and points that offer relief from the current where they wait for bait to feed on. When targeting Snook this time of year focus on fishing areas that are close to, but out of the current such as oyster bars and the back sides of mangrove points and islands. Live pinfish and natural colored artificial lures will work best.

Recommended Bait

Low tide - When fishing for Snook at low tide I recommend using dark colored top water bait or light weight soft plastic lures such at a white fluke or a watermelon red Little John XL rigged on a 1/8th ounce jig head. A fast retrieve works best.

High tide - When the tide is high I recommend using freelined live bait or bright colored soft plastic lures rigged on a heavy jig head for fast action. At high tide the Snook will always be tucked right up against the Mangroves so cast as close as you can!

Large Snook

Offshore Fishing Report

The offshore rockpile fishing in Crystal River is heating up and with all the structure that Crystal river has to offer it is worth the short trip out to deeper water. The Snapper, Grunt, Sheepshead and Grouper are starting to make their way in to the rock piles between 3 and 6 miles off the coast of Crystal River. When targeting Snapper, Grunt and Sheepshead use Shrimp on a 1/4 ounce jig head fished near the rocks. For the Grouper, use live freelined Pinfish or a large paddle tailed swimbait fished over top of the rocks.

Fish caught in Crystal River

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